A lovely afternoon at the Park

Well after all that rain then the lovely sunshine today the kids wanted to go to the park. I packed a quick snack for when I picked the children up from The Paddox school and we went to a local park, the older kids loved running around playing tig and using the climbing frames and the little ones had a go on the swings
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Wow lovely sunshine …at last… Going to parks, kids having so much fun in the sun, we are going out and about getting close to nature enjoying the lovely flowers (colours and smells)…. long may this last.


I ordered some catterpillars from the internet along with a butterfly garden. We placed the catterpillars into the net and could watch them grow.. we ended up with lovely Butterflies which we set free in the garden. The children loved coming in and checking out the progress of the metamorphosis.

Hopefully lovely sunshine to follow….

Well we did manage to save up some vouchers for Sainsbury’s sports equipment, the older children took great pleasure in counting them daily and marking on the blackboard how much we had.  They had a vote and the children decided to send for skipping ropes and magnifying  glasses.  I thought that was a really good choice given the little amount of vouchers we had….children seemed extremely happy when
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Summer (Messy Play)

According to the calendar this is supposed to be the beginning of summer…. hhhmmm not in this country anyway !!! However we have now planted our vegetables, herbs, bulbs and sunflower seeds. So far some of the sunflowers have popped up. We are hoping for a bit more sunshine to encourage our vegetables, bulbs and herbs.

Happy Easter

The children enjoyed making there Easter crowns and cards,  I must admit they did look quite impressive when they had finished. We also boiled eggs and painted on the shell the children did find that a bit tricky but never the less they were happy when they saw the finished product.

Happy Mothers Day

We have been busy making mothers day cards the children where lovely saying ‘oohh my mum likes’ making there individual cards that were special to there individual mum, a most enjoyable experience for me and the children. And I am very grateful to those SPECIAL parents who have taken the time to write a testimonial for me. It is more than much appreciated as
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The Year of the Snake

It was fun making snakes in celebration of the Chinese New Year, the kids enjoyed painting the kitchen towel rolls then we joined them together made a face and a tail, we also made cards with Happy New Year in Chinese written on them and sampled some chinese noodles and rice…. yum yum…..


We spent some time at the Ken Marriott treehouse so the little ones could burn off some energy. We also tried to make the large coloured marbles that looked so good, but alas they never froze….  ;(  so we ended up putting them into my freezer overnight and managed to burst a red one which was still coloured water, that ended up all through
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We have been busy preparing for christmas.We have started on the cards and all the little children had there footprints done in white paint on a black paper then sprinkled with glitter they look lovely, we have also made calenders to go home to mum and dad.