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The children enjoyed a tactile afternoon at my setting,  we had another 4 childminders bring along there children. On my kitchen floor we set up the trays of compost, dried rice, custard, spaghetti, cotton wool, leaves and water the children loved to feel and mix some of the contents together, some were brave enough to walk into them with there bare feet. We were
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We had a great time at soft play… kids got some great physical exercise climbing on the climbing frames, crawling through the tunnels and jumping in the ball pit. They will sleep well tonight….


Some of the parents took the children to see the Olympic torch being passed on in the town the children enjoyed it and we have now all made our own Olympic torches, hopefully if we have a DRY day myself and a few of the childminders I know are planning to get the little children to do Olympic games in the park, cant wait
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The children enjoyed making crowns and paper chains to decorate my setting in celebration of the DIAMOND JUBILEE. The younger children had fun sticking diamond shapes onto their crowns.

People who help us

Hello Hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine. We have been busy walking round the town with a few other childminders taking photos of “PEOPLE WHO HELP US” we managed to get lots of photos of people.  We have photos of a Dentist, a Rugby Ranger , carer, bus driver and lots more. The children enjoyed the walk out and the picnic in the
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Easter Egg Hunt

HI hope you all enjoyed Easter…we had a lovely time despite the weather. We managed to have a Easter Egg hunt in the garden, (before the rain started) we made Easter daffodils and Easter nest cakes. We also painted wooden egg cups and planted mustard seeds in there they have all grown now and look really impressive. We have been busy and kids have enjoyed
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Happy Childminding

HI everyone, the children (and myself ) have just finished our mini beasts, we enjoyed learning about the catterpiller turning into a butterfly.  The children also enjoyed making butterflys and listening to stories about the metamorphis. We then hunted through the sand looking for mini beasts hidden in there. I am having fun doing the best job in the world.


I did have fun with the children celebrating Christmas and New Year attending Christmas parties and exploring different cultures and festivities.  I have since had a new child settled into my care that gets on well with the other children. I am looking forward to having a busy fun and educational New Year.

Summer Holidays finished….

Can’t believe how quickly the holidays have gone by…had 2 weeks off and worked the rest, been pretty busy catching up with paperwork, going for walks to different parks, kids enjoyed the GEC park lots of space to run and play. Started taking a child to The Paddox School this week, and the clubs have started up again, looking forward to a busy happy Autumn.

Adventure ZONE

Wednesday 20th July We went to the Adventure Zone on Somer’s Road Industrial Estate kids had so much fun on the climbing frames, chute,and ball pit, had a lovely lunch…then took home some very tired children.