I was really nervous and upset about leaving my daughter for the first time. Margaret was amazing she helped put my mind a rest and was extremely supportive at this difficult time. She helped make this transition easy. Margaret has had lots of child care experience she has built a safe caring environment for my daughter to develop in. Margaret is always doing all kinds of activities. Everyday is filled with an array of exciting things to do ranging from arts and crafts to planting bulbs to baking . She also encourages the children to play, socialise and build special bonds Margaret is flexible reliant and is always available for help and advice. My daughter has been with Margaret for almost a year now. She loves going to stay, to play with the other children and join in all of the activities. She has thrived in this environment. She is more confident plays with other children of all ages. She is learning how to share and her vocabulary grows a little more each day I am so pleased that I found such a wonderful childminder like Margaret I don’t say this lightly , she is perfect and has a lovely calming loving way she puts my mind at rest, my daughter is happy and thriving. I could not ask for any more. Mrs Paula Hill

Paula Hill

My children have been cared for before and after school by Margaret since January 2013. They are both very happy in hercare and I wish we had made the move to her years ago. Margaret is very thorough, conscientious and efficient. She provides a homely and stimulating environment for children of all ages and I am completely confident in her capability to look after my children.

Julie Bowler-Smith

I started looking for a childminder for my lil girl when she turned 1 years old after I had been on maternity for a year I was returning back to work and decided to choose a childminder instead of a nursery they are more flexible and less children and big price difference I looked on the Internet for good childminders in my area I went along and viewed quite a few but was not happy until I went to visit Margaret she was very warm and very welcoming as soon as I meet her I knew she was the right one when I went into Margaret's house had a look around and a chat with Margaret I was happy her house is clean bright was very inviting my lil girl loved the bright coloured toys and loads to do and play with also loads of toys in her Garden. Margaret let Precious settle in for a few hours a day for a week which was a relief for me as I worried about how she would be when I left her to go work I would find it hard to go to work knowing she was crying or upset Margaret would send me texts to reassure me Precious was ok and how she was getting on after a week or 2 she was fine and settled in quicker than I thought Precious has been going to Margaret's now for about a year or 2 now and is very happy there and would say if she wasn't when it is home time she gets upset and doesn't want to go home when she is not at Margaret's she asks for her and the children she plays with at Margaret's when ever there has been a problem me or Margaret would address it straight away and resolve it as soon as possible and we hold lil meeting every month with any question we have for each other or to talk about how Precious is getting on and how she is developing precious is kept very busy and is always doing activity play groups painting going to parks playing in the garden and planting flowers going to soft play and loads of other activity Precious also suffers with constipation and Margaret has been very helpful and supportive and has worked along side me to help prevent it Margaret is a very kind helpful and caring person who will help in anyway she can she cares a lot for precious and wants to see her do well me and precious are happy with the care she provides she does a very good job in taking care of my Precious Daughter. From Precious Mum Miss Shalaine Myrie.

Shalaine Myrie

This is the second academic year that my daughters have attended Margaret's before and after school. Margaret provides a warm and friendly home-from-home. There are always lots of activities for the children to do and they therefore always enjoy the time they attend. Margaret makes a real effort to ensure they are content and this is very much appreciated. I am very happy with the current level of care that my children receive.

Shamreen Mirza

My son has been going to Margaret since July 2012 when he was only 9 months old. When we first met Margaret, we could tell from her personality that she was a friendly and caring and very Professional person, and her home was surrounded by so much to entertain kids of all ages. Her garden had more stuff than what u would find in a very well equipped park.

As a only child with no relatives near by, my son became use to being with only his Dad and I, so leaving him for the first time who heartbreaking. He would scream continuously but Margaret was so patient with him. She was constantly reassuring me that he would be fine.

When we went to pick him up, Margaret would give us written details of his daily meals, naps, nappy change and activities. They do a different activity almost every day. From going to Toddler groups to painting to going to the park to card making, the list goes on and on.

Since going to Margaret my son has really thrived and developed. My husband and I cannot believe how well he has developed he has gained so much confidence and has learned to play and interact with other kids of all ages and also adults. People who has known him before going to Margaret can't believe its the same child (because before, the moment someone just try to play/interact with him, he would cry). His vocabulary has really expanded, he comes home each day singing a different song and also doing the action, he is always singing. He picks up books and tries to read even though he cannot speak.

My son loves Margaret and I love taking him there. She is like a member of our family. We can talk to her about anything and she listens and take it on board without getting offended. she explains her future plans with us in advance so we know what our son will be doing. She puts herself and her heart in the job. and gets involves with the kids as if they were her own.But At the same time maintaining her professionalism.

My son loves being at Margaret. The moment we gets to her house he can't wait to get out the car. When he enters the house, the first thing he does is give her a cuddle.

Seeing him develop and progress like this, just makes me feel so proud and extremely lucky to have found Margaret .


Margaret has been looking after my child, before and after school, since September. She offers a real home from home environment which allows my child to wind down after a busy school day. Margaret has a good range of toys and provides art and craft activities that my child really enjoys. Above all, Margarent is a very warm, kind and caring person who I know will take the utmost care of my child. She also had a great sense of humour - essential for those early morning drop offs!

Nicola Vipond

My daughters are aged 9 and 8. When we first moved into the area they attended an after-school club, which they enjoyed, but I needed more flexibility. As my daughters were reluctant to leave the after school club and their friends, we started off with just one day before and after school with Margaret. The girls settled in straight away and now I only use Margaret for their before and after school needs. They absolutely love going and complain if I pick they up early! The atmosphere is always calm, friendly and welcoming. Margaret does all she can to cater for their needs. They enjoy crafty activities and these are always on offer. There is a lovely mix of different age children and they all get on together. I have the piece of mind that my children are in a safe home-from-home environment.


Margaret, is a friendly and welcoming person. Our children have felt comfortable in her presence and in her home. Almost home from home. This is evident on collection at the end of the day when they don’t want to leave! The service Margaret provides in professional, caring and friendly. We are very happy we chose Margaret as we feel the children are safe and well looked after.

after school - After School

I started the process of looking for a childminder when my daughter was 11 months old. Like most new parents I found the process quite daunting. However from the first time I visited Margaret’s home I felt welcomed and my daughter was immediately relaxed. What is evident from the minute you meet Margaret is that she is extremely experienced in dealing with children, not only from her formal training but also from her experience as a mother. There are a number of child minders in the area where I live, however what I found most useful when short listing potential childcare was the information available on the website, you can look up information like qualifications and routines all in one place and even see the areas where your child will spend some of their time. The website is still useful as I can check in a see a summary of recent activities that the children have been involved in. Margaret is always doing activities with the children whether this is taking them out to local groups, farms or to the park or at her home planting bulbs, making cakes and doing little art projects. What I like most about Margaret’s approach is her calmness and the time she takes with the children talking to them and explaining why they do things even with basic tasks like washing their hands which helps develop their speech and level of understanding. In the nine months my daughter has been going to Margaret’s house she has thrived my husband and I cannot believe how well she has developed she is more confident, she has learnt to interact and share with children of all ages and her vocabulary is expanding every day these are skills that have been accelerated from having spent time in Margaret’s care. Finally the best praise I can give is from my daughter, she loves spending time at Margaret’s house and squeals with delight when we pull up at her house in the morning before marching confidently through her front door knowing she has a day full of fun activities!

Ceri Marriott